Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Amazing Wirepod

The Wirepod is an easy and eye-pleasing way to hide that mess of wires looming in your
home. Designed by Joris Laarman and available here.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Will Bryant

Will Bryant loves nice people who make cool things. Me too.

Faucet of Joy

Water Ball Ripples is a modern water faucet concept designed by Smith Newnam,
and Industrial Design student from North Carolina State.

The lighting on the faucet glow red or blue to let you know how hot the water is;
fabulous! No more guessing, burning, or freezing!

Good Advice

Yes, lets! Get yours here.

Nike's Mexico Campaign

Nike Mexico invited a few artists to promote the opening of the first Nike sportswear
store in Mexico City. The posters were all inspired by mexican culture and pasted all
over the city. I'm not a big Nike supporter but these posters are pretty great.

Write for $20,000

I could use $20,000.00 and I'm sure many others could too. Field Report is a new web
site that allows you to write and post essays to the site for a chance at the monthly
grand prize of $20,000.00! How great is that? I'll be debt free in no time! haha

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yes that is a pink dominoes set. Most importantly it is soon to be mine! Days spent in the park
playing dominoes with something yummy to drink are happy days. Get yours here.


A flock of rubber duckies came by the studio today =D

Because Donkeys Are Fun

Oh Dunky! What can't you do??


I love chocolate, yes it's true. I've also been known to be partial to bacon. So why not put the two
together in one wonderful treat?? Vosges Chocolatiers make the lovely Mo's Bacon Bar, a yummy
blend of savory and sweet!

They also make a more playful version of this delight in the Flying Pig! How great is that?

Neuarmy - This Aint No Side Hustle

Neurmy is a multidisciplinary creative who works in just about every medium imaginable.
Beautiful and powerful pieces; I'm hooked. You can see more here.

EEE Adams

More poster fun! This gig poster is by EEE Adams, interesting stuff!

Andrea At Graphics!

I like this gig poster by Andrea At Graphics!, stumbled across this one at Gig Posters. Nice huh?

Monday, August 25, 2008


Oh it's a day of lovely covers! The new STEP issue is out with the return of Stefan G. Bucher
of 344 Design and, of course, The Daily Monster as cover designer. STEP also hosts Stefan's
ink & circumstance column.

Los Angeles Magazine

The new issue of Los Angeles Magazine is out and it caught my eye. If you're familiar
with the mag you're used to seeing sleek stylized photos gracing the cover every month.
This month they went with hand drawn for their special feature of the area's best high
schools. I know, I know, it's been "done". It's different for them and I dig it.

Refill 7

Refill 7 allows artists to create some pretty amazing and sometimes very intricate designs by
lasering away layers of plywood to a create a unique skateboard deck. Artists from around the
world have contributed to the project and each artist creates a series of 50 limited edition decks.

The Girl Effect

The Girl Effect
; This is an amazing video. It's beautiful to watch, great concept,
and it really has an important message to get out. It touches on so many important
social issues; equality among the sexes, poverty, AIDS, hunger, and war. It creates
a stimulating and captivating visual to demonstrate how things can sometimes be
dramatically changed by just helping one person, or just one girl.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Beautiful Losers

Beautiful Losers will be screening at the Landmark Nuart 8.29.08 - 9.08.08. The film documents
the early 90's DIY (do-it-yourself) subcultures of
surf, skateboarding, punk, hip hop & graffiti.
I love the message behind it of Make Something, Share Something. Muuust...go...see....screening....

Camilla Åkrans Photography

I came across these lovely images by Camilla Åkrans.