Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Moving Day!

Come on over! My new home. I'm still getting settled in, but I'd love for you to visit!

Beautiful little bits

found on Today's Images...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

So lovely...

Beautiful drink labels created by Big Fish, UK.

Who Says It's Unnecessary?

I heart Unnecessary Knowledge.

District Fashion Show!

Here are some snippets of designs I did for the upcoming Fashion Show at The District in Tustin.

And the chosen design....yay!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Lettering Sketchbook

I found this Lettering Sketchbook created be Linzie Hunter and I've grown quite fond of it. I think it's very good for designers to practice making letter forms in new, fun experimental ways.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Burger King Studio

Burger King has developed a new gimmick consisting of part art part (free) think tank part design studio. The burger giants are taking "Have it Your Way" to a whole new level by offering the chance to let the public design BK tees and other merchandise. They call it the BK Studio, I think it's an interesting idea. We'll see how this all plays out.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Clever, pretty AND for wine!

Friday Freebie!!

A fun event tonight at Ghettogloss in Silver Lake as Shana Nys Dambrot curates a show composed of some pretty spiffy artwork. Tonight, Nov 14th, you can join Ghettogloss for a cocktail and banana reception from 7PM-Midnight.

The Show will run through 12-1-08 at Ghettogloss.
Ghettogloss is located at 2380 Glendale Blvd. (cross St. Silverlake Blvd.)
Los Angeles, CA 90039
323 912 0008
More info here.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

London + Daft Punk = Awesome

London (harder, better, faster, stronger) from David Hubert on Vimeo.

I'd love to give credit but don't see the original source...

Motel Postcards

Nostalgic retro goodness.

Because we all need a pick me up has posted an new project that seems pretty awesome. Quoted from their site: So here’s the deal: There is just so much negativity all around us these days, have you noticed? It’s infesting the internet, it’s taking over the big screen, it’s cutting you off, it’s showing up on your bank statement, it’s staining your new shirt, it’s breathing down your neck, it’s not giving you a vacation, it’s talking behind your back, it’s stuffing you in a locker, it’s cheating on you, it’s charging you more, it’s giving you less, and it’s making you miserable!

It’s making me miserable! I don’t think I know of a single person who couldn’t use some encouragement, so here it is! This is a two-part project, and the first part is simple: We are going to create a gallery of encouragement!

You can use this gallery to encourage a close friend or someone you just happened to pass by on the street. You can encourage a relative who may be ill or the girl who handed you your coffee this morning. You could even use this place to encourage yourself!

I dig the premise and it'll be fun to see the different executions as the project unfolds. I'll definitely be sending in my entry...

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

An Unsettling Nipple

I was reading dooce. today, which is awesome if you haven't noticed. And I thought this was so very heart-warming and funny and, yes, a little gross. But anyway it's a must read....

From a Craigslist posting...

Okay, so about three months ago my roommate takes in this stray dog. She's horrible, and I'm a dog lover, so I don't say that lightly. I say that as heavily as possible. And please don't flag this post for removal, because there is a real dog whose life is at stake here, and although you may disagree with my not writing flowery Ad-Man prose about her, hell, I'm just being honest. This dog sucks.

... I have to say that the first thing you notice about Mama Dog is: nipples. Obscenely large nipples. We think she was probably used for breeding or something because there's really no other explanation. I'm not being cruel, I'm just saying. Because there's one nipple in particular that is really disturbing. The rest you could maybe overlook. But she has this one nipple that hangs really low, and it's fat, but then it gets really skinny, and then it gets fat again. It's like it's just barely hanging on, though it's not, and evidently there's nothing 'wrong' with it except how it looks. But man, that nipple is unsettling.

Kim Jong-il You Trickster, You!

The BBC has a report on an image released Wednesday of Kim Jong-il that looks to have been photoshopped to show him in good health while inspecting some military units. I present to you here Exhibit A, courtesy of the BBC. This image raises even more questions as to what's going on in North Korea?? Is this him in this picture, is he really dying, or is he off somewhere maybe on an extended vacation Fidel Castro and bin Laden? Who knows, maybe it's not Photoshop. Maybe Kim is some crazy super hero villain who has the ability to warp shadows to his liking!


Visionaire on Sale!

Oh joy! Next Tuesday at Sotherby's photographs sale in London a full set of Visionaire will be up for grabs. Yep, all 53 issues of the exclusive numbered limited edition publication. Many, might I add, are in original packing and unopened. :::gasp:::
Oh to be able to buy such a lovely item! I'm saving up for it. Logic be damned! So far I've raised $3.60 which means at most I'm only about $30,996.40 shy of owning this collection! By next tuesday it's totally happening, right?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday Freebie

This one comes with a bonus: fighting injustice! Join the thousands who are calling for a repeal of Prop 8 which bans gay marriage in California by attending one of tonight's rallies. Let's hope things remain peaceful tonight and throughout this whole process. I found this info here. Not trying to be preachy; religion should have nothing to do with it. It's a matter of civil rights and inequality really. And the last time I checked Americans were pretty big on Civil Rights, no?

Fri Nov, 7th

Santa Barbara
De La Guerra Plaza at 5pm.

Community Rally at Palm Springs.
5:00PM City Hall 3200 Tahquitz Canyon Way

San Francisco Bay Area, Civic Center Rally
TIME: 5:30pm
PLACE: Civic Center (7th St and Market) More info and fliers here.

No On Prop 8 Candlelight Vigil - Merced, 6pm
Veterans Park On M Street, Merced contact: Leslie or Eileen, PLFLAG Merced 209-725-1140

San Jose
6pm in Downtown San Jose, CA at the Cesar Chavez Plaza (Market & San Carlos).

No to Prop 8/ Marriage Equality Protest - Friday Nov 7., 6pm @ Temple Square (State/S.Temple) SLC, Utah

Long Beach Marriage March
March in Long Beach tomorrow night (11/07/08) starting at Redondo & Broadway at 7pm.

Costa Mesa
March tonight at the South Coast Plaza (in Costa Mesa, CA) starting at 9pm on Bristol.

Hillcrest, San Diego
This evening at 9pm community activists are urged to meet at Laurel & Sixth, then the group will walk to City Hall (located at 202 C St in Downtown).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh, Why hello there...

I'm sorry I've neglected you for days. What was I thinking? Never again, I promise. And to prove it I have some lovely Supermarket finds for you...
Here we have a super cute cuckoo clock that I plan on hinting someone into buying for me. By Decoylab only $28.00! The Boyfriend's parents are coming into town soon and I think this gold Classy necklace is the perfect way to ease any worries they may have about me....right? By Trashy Deluxe $50.00. Als, how cool is this killer cupcake?? It's part of Paper Cuts Products Everyday Monsters Series only $8.00. And last but not least; I think this hello Listen print is so sweet. By laurageorge $20.00.